If you ask me how many countries I’ve been to, I’ll say “There is a long way to go but I’ve been around quite a few” Travelling has been on top of my wish list since I was a child.  The very first promise I did to myself, (you know how it is when you are young and you start day dreaming!) was not to be a mum, to get married to the man I love or to have a nice house but to travel around the world before I die. My whole life has always been moving at a fast pace, and the only time when I feel myself, detached and normal is when I am far, far away.

Here are 8 reasons why one should pack bags and start traveling…

1. New adventures await you

Travel gives you the opportunities to explore new things. They can be the places you’ve always dreamed of visiting, the cultures you’ve read about in your history books at school, the food, art and religious myths and legends, and so on.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, find it along the way, and enjoy every moment. The world is a wonderful playground. You’ll never know what you might find out there! So Travel !

2. Travel gives you empathy for the world’s problems

How much do you know about the world? Before I started traveling, I knew very little about the world. Although I never really understood the pains of others when I saw the news, I began to feel them when I witnessed them myself for the first time.

Traveling has exposed me to a world so alien from mine. I became more curious, and I couldn’t stop thinking about the world and about life. The experience has also made me more humble and appreciative. Yes, the world is indeed a place that holds many mysteries. Want to enter the school of life? Travel !

3. It motivates you to give back

When we travel the world, we may just realize how much we’ve taken for granted the things we have and owe, which others might never get to enjoy or experience. My journeys to countries like Zambia and Zimbabwe, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay made me realize how fortunate I was to be given a chance to have a safe neighbourhood to live, clean water to drink and bathe in, a chance to go to free schooling and to have a hospital which besides being free, it has a vast range of specialist services providing quality care, excellent professionals and the latest technology and equipment.  Many of the people from 3rd world countries are very humble, helpful and generous, which made me realize that we are the less fortunate not them. It inspired me to give back to society. You, too, can experience this belief. Travel !

4. New friendships along the way

During my travels, I’ve made many new and meaningful friendships along the way. People with similar interests, more or less with the same kind of mindset, and I have learnt from them, laughed with them and realised through them that crossing each other’s paths was a blessing.

We may come from different countries, raised in different cultures, or follow different philosophies or religions in life, but the fact that we embrace each other’s differences and similarities makes one look in a different way as to the reason why you are in this world. Embrace these feelings! Travel!



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    5. It trains you to be tougher and more independent

    Our minds sometimes make us underestimate our true talents and capabilities. Just because we have the abilities to do many things, doesn’t mean we are capable of doing them. Indeed, traveling made me appreciate the individual I am, and can become. I also had opportunities to be a solo traveller, were I started to appreciate the joy of being alone, and realized that my happiness doesn’t need to depend on someone else.

    6. You learn to be better at choosing what is worth buying

    Throughout the years, I learned to be more prudent with my money when I travel, I always kept in mind that in a few months’ time, the urge of travelling again will find its way to fill my mind with travel thoughts. When one travels in a group, most of the expenses would have been paid for beforehand and you start planning on how much money you think you would spend throughout the holiday on food and anything which catches your eye heq you’re on holiday might as well!  My reasoning nowadays is buy very few things (less weight) which are worth and you will enjoy them more. I’ve seen people buying all sorts of rubbish just for the enjoyment of buying but when you come back to Malta you realize that you spent a lot of money on things which did not last long. So my advice is to master your money well! Feast your eyes not your pockets!

    7. You can inspire others

    I’m not sure if anyone has ever inspired me to travel. Back then, nobody had access to social media. Therefore, I hardly saw inspiring stories and pictures like the ones I frequently see today. I guess I was inspired to travel more after my trip to Sicily, which was the first overseas country I visited.

    I had a penpal who lived there, whom I wanted to meet. After the wonderful experience in the country, I realized that traveling isn’t just about visiting nice places, but also learning about how people live — and that life isn’t just about going to school and getting a job. Inspire yourself and others! Travel!

    8. It pushes you out of your comfort zone

    I have to be honest with you. Traveling isn’t always easy, and sometimes your travel journeys are like the scenes of a drama series. No joke. I suppose that’s why I like traveling. I love the thrills and adventures it offers. Some people you meet are trouble, and some of them are heroes. Also since I can’t take everything I own with me, I also learned to feel less attachment to my things. I also learned to adapt to new things, even when they don’t always make me comfortable. Learn to accept! Travel!

    We often think that the world is a big, scary place; but, we must not judge it too quickly before we explore it. Go out and explore the goodness that the world has to offer, and you’ll enjoy every moment of it.

    Go travel. If not today, perhaps tomorrow is a good day to begin! 🙂